Tech News 5th May 2024


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  1. Microsoft bans cops from using its AI facial tech in the US [Link]

  2. FT partners with OpenAI to boost AI for news and content.βš–οΈ [Link]

  3. Anthropic launches iPhone app and new Claude Pro tier πŸ“± [Link]

  4. OpenAI under fire as ChatGPT spreads misinformation in EU πŸ€₯ [Link]

  5. Viral X stories now summarized by AI - The future of news? πŸ€– [Link]

  6. Atlassian launches AI assistant for teams πŸ’‘ [Link]

  7. "Dumb" GPT-4 Already Obsolete, Says OpenAI CEO Altman ⏳ [Link]

  8. OpenAI powers Healthify's breakthrough nutrition trackingπŸ”¬πŸ₯— [Link]

  9. Managing AI's Footprint Vital to Avoid Undermining Climate Progress πŸ‘£ [Link]

  10. Rabbit R1 Fails To Wow Critics Out Of The Gate πŸ‡ [Link]